What’s your favorite summer foundation/tinted moisturizer/bb cream?

I usually don’t wear too much on my face in the summer, and so I was wondering what everyone uses for face makeup during the summer. I’m a big Shiseido fan, but I’m willing to switch it up for the right look and product!

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i use garnier bb cream and i love it
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My favorite summer is the Smashbox camera read BB cream FPS 35,is perfect for me, I like the even tone, and excellent protection.
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The sheerest powder and the creamiest base scientifically blended to make powder, foundation, moisturiser in one. Unique beauty formula in cake form with subtle shades that does not darken or discolor, it covers freckles and skin blemishes, thus making lovelier you. Gives uou a natural look that stays perfect despite hours of sun and moisture. my fav foundationand moistrizer for summer
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I've heard really good things about the Garnier BB Cream! I'm going to get it too!
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To be honest I don't wear a lot of foundation but I just ordered a tinted moisturizer from e.l.f., so I'll let you know how that goes! ;)
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NARS Tinted Moisturizer is the BEST! It has a nice creamy texture, SPF 30 and gives light, natural coverage. The perfect foundation for summer! Try a sample, you'll love it!
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Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Right now I am wearing the Powder-Me SPF in the shade golden. It performs like a foundation, while protecting your skin from the sun's damaging rays. The reason it's so wonderful, is because it contains a fine sun baked clay that soaks up all your sweat/excess oil. So, your face stays dry all day long. Foundations/tinted moisturizers are okay during the colder months or evenings, but who wants to be sweating under a "beige paint" mask on a hot July day???
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