What’s your favorite drugstore brand?

I really like ELF from Target, and I’m a big fan of L’Oreal and NYC products just in general. However, I love to try new things and play with color! I will sometimes splurge on MAC or Sephora brands like Kat Von D, but I don’t always have a ton of money to spend on the fun, going-out products. Are there any other drugstore or more affordable brands out there that I’m missing out on? Thanks!

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ELF all the way! Recently I just bought 5 makeup brushes for 5 dollars from them! So inexpensive and great!
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I'm a CG girl, but I buy anything that catches my eye. I could spend a long time in the makeup aisle.
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Ulta and Sephora make cheaper, fun versions now! Also, have you tried L'Oreal or NYX?? Love those brands too!
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I'm a fan of Revlon. I like their lip colors and nail polishes. :)
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I like Maybelline eyeliners....the little gel eyeliner pots are just like MAC Fluidline. They also make a good Dramatic Eyeliner Pencil. Neutrogena has good Mineral Sheer Powder Foundation. Have you ever tried Sonya Kasuk, (spelling?) from Target? And Jemma Kidd? They both have nice eyeshadow colors, I especially love the Jemma Kidd colors. I agree that makeup can get so pricey, it's nice to have some good drugstore stuff! Oh, and Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape is a must!
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