What’s your favorite bath product?

I started using LUSH products last year and completely fell in love with the quality of their soaps and bathbombs! What are some of your favorite bath products/brands?
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I want to try LUSH too! I do just like the old standbys like St. Ives. :)
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Can't wait to try Lush! Right now, I'm currently in love with Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Body Wash! The scent is so fresh, and it's really hydrating.
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I've currently gotten into some of the L'Occitane bath product after falling in love with their hand cream!
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I need to try the LUSH products, I've heard so many great things! I really like Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath Gel and soap, it smells so fresh! It's a bit pricey but I just love the clean scent! I also like Bath and Body Sleep Lavender Chamomile Body Wash and Foam Bath for night!
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I also really love LUSH, especially their soaps! I'm currently using their 13 Soap :)
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