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What's the perfect chapstick?

I live in Denver, Colorado and it sure is dry here! I must own like 11.5 different chapsticks...But can't seem to find the perfect one to claim as my favorite!

I'd love to find one that feels great on, adds a bit of shine/color, & doesn't smell like candy...

Sometimes it's the simple things...What's your favorite chapstick right now?
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You shouldn't use any of these products on your lips. Look at the ingredients list and think about how all of these chemicals end up in your mouth throughout the day! I use only pure coconut oil on my lips which you can find at any Whole Foods and most regular grocery stores. I 100% recommend it as it makes your lips smooth and supple and it is great to fill in fine lines around the lips and eyes!
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My favorite chapstick would definitely be any Burts Bees chapstick, it goes on easy leaving your lips moisturized but never creases or cracks the tint :]
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My absolute favorite product right now is Neutrogena's Revitalizing Lip Balm. It's a tinted balm (with multiple colors to choose from) that leaves my lips feeling super silky and moist. It also provides an SPF of 20, so it protects on multiple levels. The best thing about it in my opinion, is the scent. It's got a very light fruity smell that keeps me coming back - very addicting!
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I have a few favorites and I live in Denver too! I love Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15, (they sell it in original or tints like "Sugar Rose" and "Sugar Honey"). It's kinda pricey so I always have Carmex Lip Moisture too, (in the silver tube). I also love Smith's Rosebud Salve. I never have luck with Chapstick but love these 3 other lip balms. Hope this helps!
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Sugar lip
I have this coconut lip butter that's very moisturizing and doesn't smell like candy at all. It's a very neutral smell you'll hardly notice it. Most importantly, it leaves your lips nice and protected. It's by Body Shop.
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