What’s a good brand for liquid eyeliner that’s also waterproof?

I’ve been using MAC fluidline for awhile now, but I think that I want to switch it up to liquid. I tried my friend’s yesterday, and I really liked how easy it was to apply and no brush to clean up afterwards! Can anyone recommend a good waterproof liquid eyeliner? It can be drugstore or high-end brand. I would like to hear about both expensive and affordable liners.
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I personally also use MAC fluidline, but heard that the liquid liner by MAC is really good as well. The saleslady told me that it was waterproof (whereas the fluidline is more or less budge-proof, but not altogether waterproof). I guess it depends on your personal preference. I've also tried Bobbi Brown's gel liner which works great as well.
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If you want a good drugstore brand, L'oreal makes a good one. It has a felt tip too, so it's really easy to apply!
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I absolutely love Tigi's liquid liner or felt tip pen. They both work amazingly (as most of you have heard me say several times before). If you are looking for long lasting, Id go with the liquid although it is not waterproof, it does NOT smudge or smear! But Im sure they have a waterproof one as well. I just personally think waterproof makeup can be very harsh on your skin when trying to remove. Perhaps, this is only on me as I have very sensitive skin. Regardless, I think you will fall in love with Tigi's liners... I did!
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I use MAC Fluidline as well and love it. As far as liquid eyeliner, I use Physician's Formula Metallic Black on my daughter for skating competitions. It's a great silvery black, easy to apply and a great price. It always looks good and doesn't smudge!
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