What should i bring on my trip?

What should i bring on my trip?

This weekend im going camping with my friend. What should i bring for beauty? Do i bring hair spray? a mirror? I dont want to seem like a girly girl that cant last in the woods! Help!
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Don't worry about bringing much. I'd pack a moisturizer with SPF and a lip balm...and that's it. Have fun!
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I wouldn't bother with hairspray, just put your hair in a simple updo like a twisted bun or ponytail that only takes one bobble, and if you have a fringe then clip that outta the way! If you wear your hair down, it will be knotted in no time!
In the way of makeup, I'd take a small compact mirror, and avoid all the moisturisers and treatments. Just use a little foundation in case of spots, and possibly under the eyes if you can't sleep well in a tent! Also, mascara, but don't bother if you have naturally dark lashes. Make sure you remember your makeup wipes and you're ready to go! ;) x
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Don't even bother with all that because you really wont need it much less want it. Less is more when becoming one with the outdoors. If you have accessibility to a shower id just bring shampoo conditioner and essential toiletries only. A deep conditioning mask will be beneficial as well because you can just put and leave it in and allow to really penetrate the cuticle with the heat. I would apply and leave in rather than rinse. Chap stick and deodorant are going to be your best friend. depending on how long you will be out there, you can even wash before leaving as to not have to bring your shampoo with put your mask in at home and just twist your hair in a bun the whole time you are camping. Insect repellant and a sun block are also quite handy. Make sure to spay your hair and scalp with the sun block to avoid dryness or burning. Have fun! Im a totally girly girl too and went camping for the first time just a few years ago. Id go back in a heart beat. I had so much fun! Theres no better place to just let your natural beauty shine through.
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Okay, here's my list for you!
1. Makeup wipes or baby wipes
2. Sunscreen
3. Ponytail holders/clips
4. Lip balm, (Maybelline Baby Lips has tinted ones for some color).
5. Powder or tinted moisturizer, (if you want).
6. Brush/comb
7. Bronzer or sheer cheek stain if you want!

That's about all you need! If you feel like you want something on your eyes, bring mascara.....but keep it super simple and natural. If your hair is long enough, put it in a braided ponytail and leave it like that the entire weekend. Spray with hairspray before you go and you should be set! Have fun!
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Make sure you bring sunscreen, a hat, & a spf lip balm. Leave your hairspray @ home. Bring a few ponytail holders and put your hair up. If you want to bring a small compact mirror, and a small travel brush that's fine. Make sure you bring some thick socks, even though it's Summer, it gets chilly at night and you'll be glad you have them.
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