What perfume does Kris Jenner wear?

What perfume does kris jenner wear?

I've been watching her reality show and I love her style. I am curious about what are her favorite perfumes. I've read that she likes Michael Kors but, I am sure she has pricier ones that she wears.
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I would hope she wears one of her daughters' fragrances. ;)
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She wears AW:

AttentioN WhoorE (it's french)
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I can't believe I forgot to mention...her daughters have a line of frangrances they designed and you can bet she's wearing those:
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Michael by Michael Kors is Kris Jenner's signature scent, but during the Summer months she has been known to use some of her daughter's fragrances, which is Jivago 24kt. It has actual gold flakes floating in the perfume.
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