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Ever since Bath & Body Works discontinued their Brown Sugar & Fig, I haven't been able to find a scent I like. I received a sample of Hello by Harvey Prince - a mixture of citrus and florals - which I actually like, but not sure if it's my next scent. I'm interested to hear what your favorite perfumes are.

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I really like the ones from Avril Lavigne, DKNY, Christina Aguilera,Lady Million, Burberry
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Chanel No. 15 and 19 - classic, timeless.
Michael Kors Daisy - Fresh, slightly floral, but delicate.
Ralph Lauren CKONE - It's a men's cologne, but it's the lightest cologne I've come across.
Ruehl No. 25 - Smells somewhat like a Hollister store, but bearable. Tolerable for everyday.

I'm not a fan of Bath and Body Works, the scents I've purchased from there have almost always let me down and have almost always been too watery. The scents never linger. It's comparable to paying $8 for a spray bottle of colored water.
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I am so in love with Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B its not even funny! They have the perfect sized roll on for wear on the go as well.
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i used to use the brown sugar and fig as well. i liked the sweetness to it. i try to keep in mind the similarities between the different scents i've liked, and sweet always comes up. if you like a more subtle sent, try something scented like rain or a breeze of some sort, they're usually refreshing, or sweet pea or some sort of floral is always nice
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This time my favorite perfumes is the "Ghost Sweetheart" and "Gucci by Gucci"....
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Gucci_by_Gucci_woman - perfume - Frida Gianini
I've always liked Coach Poppy and I love the "PINK" fragrance from Victoria's Secret, (it's very light). I agree with @stephenominal about Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, another favorite of mine!
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i also heard alot about bling by ajmal i havnt used it but seen it on tv and heard alot bout it from my frens i m planning to buy one but i couldnt find it!
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my recent fav perfume is Rasasi jewel perfume i also love its bottle
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I love lots of clean fresh aromas. Right now when I do use a fragrance, I like body by victoria. I also have the body wash and lotion too. I get nothing but compliments when I do wear it. perfect for day and night wear too.
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I think there's webite called, gonebutnotforgotten.com
You could probably stock up on the brown sugar. You could also give Ebay a try. A lot of times stores discontinuing lines, will sell them off for a buck or two-worth a try!!!
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