what cream will be best for eye wrinkles.

What cream will be best for eye wrinkles.

what can i do for my eyes around wrinkles which look
very ugly.please tell me
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@nume123 you have good technique to overcome the wrinkle problem.as you say so I use the lighter shade its really working Thanks dear.
I have also use lo-real wrinkle eye night cream but its not working now you all suggest me I am going to market and following your creams.
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the loreal youth code serum is just great. i use it every morning and it just myke wrinkles disappear. =D

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The best eye creams are hydrating and have retinol/vitamin A and peptides in them. I recommend Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream or Korres Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Both of them will help to stimulate collagen growth and plump up your skin for fewer wrinkles.
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could u put a photo up? it might help us to give you good advice. try a good eye retinol cream st ives makes a relatively cheap one that has good reviews. also to help cover get a good (bella pierre) skin primer and use it before your foundation. dont go too heavy on the powder as it will make the wrinkles seem worse than they are. if you use eyeliner dont use black use a lighter shade light kohl or brown maybe and start from the outer corners of your eyes and move towards the inner sounds funni but it will help you not to get those wrinklily little crows feet that are created when applied from inner to outer. use matte shades of eyeshadow not shimmery ones this will also help lessen the apperance of fine lines. i hope this helps please let me know if you find this usefull or not. goodluck. and darn gravity and time...
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