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What color of eyeshadow would look good on me?

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@swingstar gave you some great neutral looks to use because keeping things natural would look best. :)
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A light lavender, maybe? You already have pretty eyes though, I don't think any makeup is needed so maybe just for makeup fun.
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I'd try a light, shimmery pink or peach color. You want to highlight your eyes, while still letting your natural beauty shine through :)
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something very light, maybe shimmery. you're too young to use heavy colors )
almost all the colors look good on brown eyes - rosy, green, blue, peach ) just a touch though..
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A neutral eye with something a shade lighter than your skin for the lid, blended with a light brown or copper in the crease of your eyelid and a white or ivory in the inner corner of your eye would brighten your eyes up and look good as an everyday look.

To play with color, I'd stay away from most smokey eyes that involve blacks and dark shades since the look is very dramatic and could add years to your appearance (and not necessarily in a good way). If you do go for the darker shades, keep it very close to your lashline (like eyeliner) and smoke it out with something shimmery and light.

For full lid colors, try pinks, lavenders, browns, taupes, coppers, hunter/jade greens (as an accent or liner), and golds. Most pearl, opalescent, and shimmering finishes will look great on you! I've attached a few sample looks that I found through searches.
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Try a brown eyeshadow with some glitter/shimmer to it. That's look really cute!!
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i think a deep chestnut (warm) brown would look great on you!
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Have you ever worn green eyeshadow? We kinda have similar coloring, and I really like using greens! Not like lime green though lol!
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