Should I wear heels if I have arthritis?

Should i wear heels if i have arthritis?

Most of you don't know this, but I have some type of arthritis. We're not sure what it is and neither are the doctors. I like to wear heels, but since i have arthritis, they really make my knees and ankles hurt. Should I be vain and wear the heels anyway or should i be true to my body?
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I am so sorry you have arthritis Helene. I hope the doctors figure out how to help you. You know, it is so important to take care of your feet and legs when you are young because it does catch up with you. I think it is important to wear really good shoes, they make a big difference. I agree with Rory that you should discuss it with your doctor. I hope you feel better. I hate the thought of you suffering with this.
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I think I would ask the doctor about this but if the heels are hurting your knees and ankles, I wouldn't recommend wearing them. Do all heels hurt? I would stay true to your body and maybe save the heels for really special occasions. Ballet flats are so popular right now and there are so many cute styles to dress up any outfit. Wear what is comfortable for you, you can be fashionable in so many other ways without wearing heels that hurt!
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