Should i wear color contacts?

If you know me well on here, you know that I have blue eyes and i really want brown eyes! Should i get contacts or keep my natural? Thanks. :)
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don't do it !!!! i wish i had blue eyes .. keep them there really pretty
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Keep the BLUE eyes!!! Nothing more to say.....LOVE YOUE BLUE EYES!!! SO PRETTY! And they "pop" so well against your hair color!
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if you get contacts you can always take them out so why not? its not like youll have brown eyes forever! i think go for it! =D probs about $30-$60
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I love blue eyes, I think it's up to you but blue eyes are gorgeous and I think you should stay natural. :)
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We all want the things that we don't have. I am saying that cause I would love to have straight hair and green eyes. Your eye color is gorgeous, it looks wonderful with your skin tone and your hair color :) maybe you can wear brown contacts whenever you want a change. keep your wonderful color honey! :)) xx
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i think BROWN EYES will look gorgeous with your natural simple face and have a match with your hair , you can choose if contacts suit !!
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