Inexpensive remedies for thinning hair?

Inexpensive remedies for thinning hair?

I have a very high hairline on my forehead, especially at the temples. At the moment I brush my hair forward and have a fringe (bangs) to try and cover it. Is there anything I can use to thicken/grow the hair in these areas?
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Thanks for all the advice guys, anything is worth a try as it's embarrassing. I've heard of arnica or even garlic applied to the area but will definately give these a try. Thanks again.
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i know this sounds weird but PURE MUSTARD OIL

i had thining hair at the front where my bangs are and the center parted hair and even side parted and it was getting to the point where it was noticible.

i put mustard oil in my hair for about 30 mins message it in the thinning areas for about 5 mins then leave it in ur hair for about 30 mins at the least.
its really recommeneded that u should wear it as long as u can like even over night so the better its effect is.
But u may not have the time so for it all the time but at the least 30 mins if in a hurry.

but on days u dont go out or just at home wear it as long as u can and sleep in it and wash it the next has a mild scent to it just wash it out and the smell shouldnt last after u shower

the less duration u wear it u have to keep reapplying during the week
For example (if apply for shorter times then wear it 5 days a week)
if longer wear (like 3 days a week)

Remember all hair varies, i am telling u it helped me
u may not see results till the 3rd week or so the trick is to wear it whenever u can.

u can find these at any organic food stores or a local indian store
but best bet if u dont live in where there is one there is the internet.
ebay or amazon
for like about 5-15 dollar range

srry about the long advice
i hope this remedy will help u as it did me?

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ive heard castor oil helps- havnt tried it tho
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Big sexy hair is a line designed to plum the hair and give a more full appearance. I would recommend buying the root boost as well as the volumizing gel. Apply both of these product to damp hair and blow dry and style as usual. They will leave no weight of flakes behind. Keep in mind that the best results are when the hair is styled so it wont really do much to the hair if products are put in and left to air dry (other than get stiff and weird looking). You may also want to get the dry shampoo as this product works wonders in adding volume and fullness. This is the only product out of the three that is to be applied to dry hair.
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