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I need change...

i am super tired of my look but idk what i want to change so i was wondering what you think. tell me whatever you think would look good on me. thx!
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Hi, I did a little makeover of your photo, I hope that's ok? I used Lauren Conrad's hair, with basic brown eyeshadow, winged liner and mascara, and a honey-ish lip. Quite pretty! With your natural fair skin and hair I wouldn't go any darker than what you already have...I'm a natural light blonde but I have dark brown hair, almost black, and the regrowth makes me look like I'm going bald and I always have to have regular (almost weekly) eyebrow tints - otherwise I'd look like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family! But that kind of blonde is very soft and feminine, makes me want to be blonde again!
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I think side bangs and a darker hair color like deep reddish brown.
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you should try bangs! you would look very cute :))
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I can see you with shoulder-length hair that's layered. Like @eyecandyxoxo said, side bangs might look cute! I was thinking something like this:
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Have you tried side bangs before? That might look cute. Try it on in a makeover first tho bc they take forever to grow out if you don't like them.
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