I need a cream to remove body's hair forever without any side effects . does it exist ??

I Have A Hormonal inbalance . it Realy Complex Me I Wante Stop Going To School I Didn't went To School 3 weeks Ago Please I Realy Need Help !! Because This Problem Gonna Spoil My intire Life And I'm Only 15 years Old !! Well I Remove The Hair Of Face With The wax But it Grow fast So I Have To Use Wax 2 Time At Week And it Realy Heard My Skin it Always Red Or Pink And Every Body At My Class Think I Chave Because When I was A little I wasn't Take The Hair Of Than I had A Moustach Please Help Me Please !! :'(
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Is there anything to remove body hair forever ??
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First, take a deep breath. You're going to be fine. You've been dealt a hand that requires a little more strength, and if classmates don't see your courage, it's because they're insecure themselves and trying to fit in. You are beautiful and capable of great things. Don't let their careless words shake you. Some day, people will see how amazing you are & recognize the courage & beauty you showed by attending classes during this tough time.

Please see an endocrinologist or OBGYN if you can. It's possible that the hormone imbalance is a symptom of something else (like pcos, tumors, hyperactive thyroid, etc.) which could have longer term effects on your health and needs to be addressed now. It's better to be safe.

As far as the cosmetic side of it goes, birth control pills reduce the amount of androgen produced (changing hair growth), and there are medications that can be prescribed specifically for stopping facial/body hair growth. The only permanent removal is laser. It's expensive up front, but it will be much cheaper than waxing/shaving/electrolysis in the long run. DO NOT use an abrasion device (it will scar your skin and give you discoloration). DO NOT take a new medication w/o seeing a doctor.

There are creams (like Vaniqa) that can be used in order to lighten hair and reduce hair growth, but these are not permanent and must be applied regularly. They do help most people, but need prescriptions.

Going to see a doctor is the best possible thing you can do.
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Please go back to school. When you learn, you become a better person -- always. Never stop learning, never stop growing.

Don't be sad. It gets better.
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I just read about a facial hair remover that doesn't irritate skin. I can't remember the name though. It might be L'Oreal or Oil of Olay. I will re-post when I remember. Sorry!
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You may want to try going to get threaded. This procedure removes hair using 2 pieces of string that remove the hair crom the cucicle. This results in loner lasting results and is better for the skin because it doesnt ruin the elasticity of the skin over time like wax can.
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Sounds like you could benefit from professional waxing. Don't try to do this yourself or it will grow back too fast. Laser hair removal is your best option for sure but until you decide to do that, waxing is your best bet. Make sure you go to a credible Aestitician. I go to Anastacia Brow Salon and they are fabulous. Even if you have to pay a bit more, it's worth it to find a credible professional.
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I don't know any cream that can do that.. the only teqnique I know the best results is laser.
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