How long do you use/keep your beauty products?

I’m planning on cleaning out my makeup drawers…and was wondering, how long do you all hold on to your products (mascaras, foundations, eyeshadows, etc.)? I don’t want to hold onto makeup that’s most likely gone bad, but I also don’t want to prematurely throw away things :/. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I usually keep mine until they run out, but if I don't use them that often, I replace them after about two months. I keep the old and new products in different places; I'm such an organization freak! :) Good luck!
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I'm a bad horder of makeup, I do admit I have a problem D:
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There's an article on Taaz about this:
There's also one made by Maimouth:
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i usually keep my basic make up that i use everyday for about a month until it runs out, but i have so much makeup that i just don't use and sometimes i come across it when getting ready and it looks like its gone off. so i would keep the makeup that you know you use, get rid of the makeup that looks weird and maybe of the makeup you never use. hope i helped
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