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How do you store your beauty products?

I am always interested in learning new ways to organize since I am a neat freak. Everyone has a different set up with their bathroom so I wanted to see what fun and innovative ways people store their beauty products. Any tips, tricks or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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Was reading Marie Claire and Joan Rivers said she uses a Ziploc bag as her makeup bag since she travels so much and it can go right through security. Ha, just had to add that here. Seemed appropriate.
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im a bit crazy but i like putting them on my make-up shelves that are beside my bed in my house i made my own invention that when i wake up in the morning i pull the string and some random lipstick falls on my bed :D try inventing your own invention and make it. :P
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Hmm...well, I line things up on the counter and then if it gets too messy, I slide it all into a drawer. I'm not very organized I guess! I needed your help too. :)
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I have shelves for each kind of makeup, nothing fancy, just boards attached to my wall. A shelf for eyeshadow, one for lipsticks, etc. Shelves organized light, neutral, bright, dark.
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Believe it or not, I still use a Caboodle! :)
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i just chuck everything on the Bathroom Vanity!! lol but thats what teenagers do, right?? lol
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I just actually came here for to see the answers because I have the same question. :) I don't have much bathroom space, but I do like @vamp1967's storage if I installed one of those small wall shelves think that might work for me!
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I have a wooden tool chest that my husband gave me. It works great because of the different size drawers and actually looks good in my room. It is similar to the one in the picture.
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I literally just published a trend about this! Funny :) I am huge on proper makeup storage and usually keep my products in a train case and dry drawer. I'm also really keen on cleaning my brushes and tools on a regular basis!
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oops, forgot to attatch...
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