How do you break-in your heels before they break you?

With all this talk about how high heels are, I have to ask ... how do you all prevent blisters in those heels? I think heels are super cute, but I'm tired of having permanent bandages on my little toes (from strappy heels) and on the backs of my heels. >.< Ouch.

I've heard a lot of suggestions: wear socks, walk once a week in them, put bandaids on first, try gel cushions, no-rub stick from Dr. Scholl's ... but what actually works?
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great question!! if they're really tall, i personally wear them in the house 2 hours at a time for a couple of days before i wear them out. if they give you blisters, you can always get nude color bandages!
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Good question. From my experience, there really isn't anything better than breaking into them the old fashioned way. You're just going to have to bear with the pain and get used to it, but if it really hurts to the point where you'd blister and chafe everytime you wear them, then I suggest you get new shoes. It's not worth the damage.
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I definitely feel you on this heel pain. I have really sensitive feet and I love shoes, so it's a serious dilemma for me too. Usually, I break in my heels by walking around the house in them a few days before I actually wear them out. I also keep extra large band-aids in my purse at all times, especially for the backs of my heels.
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If you are constantly unable to find a goo fit in heels, you may want to look into purchasing your size in a wide. This will allow you added room for swelling of sore feet. If your feet are not wide and do not tend to swell, You may want to purchase the wooden insertable shoe stretchers. This will break your shoes in without having to remember to wear them around before their big debut. I bought mine at nordstrom and use them instantly when I but a new pair of heels. I usually keep them in until I wear the shoes. Another little trick I do is wet the wooden tools before inserting them. Because they are made of wood, when they are wet they expand a bit really helping to break down the crisp new heel!
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Moleskin works well for the backs of heels. Most people wear them on your skin, but you can put them in your shoes, too. Wear your heels around your house for 20 minutes (walking around, doing things) and note where your problem spots are going to be. You can cut the moleskin to size and use superglue to make it stick in the back of your heel over the spot that's going to cause a problem.
Sorry, I don't have any bright ideas for the fronts of toes. Maybe try buying straps that are made of softer materials, like suede instead of plastic or something stiff?
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I've used the gel cushions and I try to walk in them a bit before wearing them. I can honestly say I don't usually have much of a problem in heels. I make sure to get a perfect fit and if the shoe hurts too much, it's not for me! I'm curious to see what everyone else has to say, great question!
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