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Has anyone used a lash growing treatment either in a mascara or serum form?

I’d like to grow my eyelashes longer and maybe fill in my brows. Also, I’d like to save money and use a drugstore version if possible.

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Thanks for your answers!! Really helpful :) I think that I am going to give the L'Oreal serum a try, but if that doesn't work out, I will for sure look into X-treme Lash! How quickly does the X-treme Lash work?
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The best product I've used for "lash growth" is from my's called "Elastilash by Obagi". It's around $60 and you use it before bedtime. Totally works, makes lashes fuller and thicker! A drugstore choice for you would be "Loreal Lash Serum" that you can use twice per day. It goes on clear so you can use if before your mascara. I've used it but it didn't give me the same results as seemed to make them a tad longer after 2 months or so. The answer from @parrotlover3 sounds really good too and worth a try!
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You should try "Xtreme Lash's Amplif-EYE lash and brow fortifier and growth serum!" I am an Xtreme lash certified lash stylist and I use it myself!! I luv luv luuuuv it! It works GRRRREAT! I sell it on ebay as well for a very reduced price!! (GottaHaveIt77711) I like people to be able to have expensive products at good prices!!! Check it out and order yours today!! :)
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