Has anyone tried garnier's all-in-one b.b. cream, miracle skin perfector?

I want to buy it, and I want to know your opinion :)
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Thank you all for your advice!!!!! :)) I really appreciate it! :)
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I'm an nw25 with dry to normal skin. I like this product it is extremely light coverage but soo moisturizing. Leaves a dewy finish I set it with maybelline dream matte powder for more coverage and to make it last longer. I would not recommend it for oily skin at all because it can feel greasy. I like it though for a quick makeup look
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ive got one, there not at all good! it peels off when rubbed in, the end result is patchyness, dont buy it! i would recomend dream matte mousse!<3
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thanks a lot @RoryGautsche and @Micah891 for your answers :) If I'll buy it, I'll tell you if it worked for me :))
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I have not tried it but am curious! I've read a lot about these BB creams.....I might try to get a sample from Sephora or Nordstrom of the Estee Lauder one. The Garnier would be worth a try because it's less expensive than some of the others.
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I bought it, but unfortunately it did not really do my skin any good :-(
I got the light one, but it was too yellow-ish for my skin.
I does not really cover my imperfections, and after about half an hour, it felt a little dry..

But try it out, who says it does not work wonders for your skin :-D
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