Has anyone ever tried eyelash extensions?

I love wearing false lashes, but I hate putting them on. I was considering getting eyelash extensions, but I've heard rumors that they're bad for your natural lashes. What's the truth? I'd love to hear your opinion on them! And yes I've tried Latisse, and it works great. However, I want a little more glam ;) Also, do you think eyelash extensions look super fake?

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I love my eyelash extensions! i have long eyelashes but not a lot of them so i got them to fill in the less filled areas and i love them!!! they work really good!
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me! :D
@RoryGautsche I love it! Thank you so much for your answer. SUPER HELPFUL! Even if they were a little harmful (and a ton of people including yourself have told me that they're not), I just needed that nudge from a girlfriend to say DO IT lol. Thanks again YOU ARE AWESOME!!
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I haven't tried eyelash extensions myself but a friend of mine has. Hers look fabulous but you are drawn to her eyes a bit more! I wouldn't say they look "fake" but you sorta wonder how they could be so long!! I'll take a picture of her lashes when I see her on Wednesday! I don't think they're that bad for your lashes, my friend that has them works for Nordstrom as an Aestetician. Just make sure you get it done by someone really good. I would try it once for sure to see if you like it! Yes, Latisse is great.....I'm currently using Elastilash and it's fabulous! Sorry for the long message!!
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