Has anybody tried covergirl shadow blast?

I've been seeing tons of ads lately for this "Shadow Blast: primer+eyeshadow by CoverGirl. Has anybody tried it yet? I like that it's eyelid primer and eyeshadow in one, but I've never been a huge fan of creme-based eyeshadow. If you've tried it, please share your thoughts!
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I dont know because there arent any covergirl products in my country.AND,BY THE WAY-DOES THE COMPANY IMPORT TO EUROPE?I AM CURIOUS.
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very cool!! i love it!
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Where have I been? I haven't seen any commercials. But I love that it has eyelid primer after reading some people's comments of how great of a product that is. I think you should be our guinea pig, try it and report back! ;)
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I have! When I put it on, it was cool to the touch, and it lasted so long! The best part was that the light reflecting on it makes it look like more than one eyeshadow. When I wore the Blue-ish one, I got so many compliments! I recommend it, especially with LashBlast Fusion mascara!
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Never tried this but I've seen the commercials!! The blue color looks cool
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