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Ear candling: yay or nay?

I tried ear candling several years ago and had a positive experience. I kind of want to try it again, but have read some articles that say it's not good to have it done. What do you guys think? Have you had it done recently?

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i've done this before as well and i like it. i don't recommend doing it too often because it does a good job at cleaning things out. and it is true, some earwax is good to protect your ear from outside toxins.
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oooh i want to try it!!
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It's supposed to help clear ear wax and toxins from your canal. They say that it can be harmful because some ear wax is necessary to protect your inner ear. I would post pics of the "after" but it's kind of gross. When I did it, it was just to experience it and I was amazed at what was left in the cone.
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yes, i'm with @glossqueen ... what is it supposed to do????
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Definitely a yes! It's a great natural remedy that I've been doing for years!
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What is it supposed to do? Clean out the wax?
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