Olay Professional ProX Advanced Cleansing System

Does anyone have the the olay professional prox advanced cleansing system? i need help please :)

OK this may be an easy answer, but seriously how do you install the batteries into the Olay Professional ProX Advanced Cleansing System? I don't want to break it, but I'm not sure which part is supposed to come off.
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What a bummer! I hate getting something new then batteries always seem to slow down our excitement. By the looks of it you may want to check out the head. I could be wrong but it looks like it may come off and the batteries go inside before reattaching. Hopefully this is a bit helpful.
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My advice is to palm the main body in one hand, and do the same with the base in the other and pull in opposite directions. Do not use your fingernails or any tools.

I have attached an image of what the inner workings looks like so that you can understand what you're working against. The resistance provided by the rubber gasket does make it a little tricky.
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