Do teeth whitening strips work?

Has anyone used teeth whitening strips? Do they actually work? Any brands to recommend?
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Wow!! Thank you everyone for answering! I think I'm going to try the Aquafresh Trays. Pearly whites, here I come!
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I have tried the Crest Strips, the Aquafresh Trays and the professional Zoom whitening at my dentist, and I think they all do actually work. My favorite of the three are the Aquafresh Trays, for exactly the same reasons @vamp1967 mentioned - it gives you much more coverage and is waaaaay cheaper than the professional treatments. Crest Strips work great too, and I think they're the least expensive option, but I've always been disappointed by the fact that the lower strip is much shorter than the upper strip so it only provides whitening to your very front, bottom teeth.
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i use the crest ones as well. they work really well for me, but you have to keep up with using them as instructed on the box. i have semi-sensitive teeth, but don't really have a problem with them. good luck :)
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Yes but they hurt my teeth. Mine are sensitive :(
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Yes! These Crest ones work. They feel a little funny on your teeth, but totally worth it for a whiter smile!
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Well, I've tried them a few times, they do make a tiny difference depending on if you wear them right and how long you keep them on.
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short answer:yes but for a really noticebly whiter smile you would need a proffesional whitening done by a dentist but they will make your teeth whiter but after a couple of weeks the whiteness will start fading leaving you were you were before my advice would save your money and get it done right so that your teeth stay whiter long term.
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I have tried them and they work wonders! Like @charmybird mentions, you may experience teeth sensitivity. Since I know I am prone to it, I only use them every other day to give my teeth a little break. You can also go for a month treatment vs. a 10-day treatment which can have a stronger formula.
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I've tried the Crest ones in your picture. They do work and you'll notice a change after a few sessions of whitening. You may experience sensitivity though, so don't overdo it.
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