Difference between latisse & other lash enhancement products?

I have skimpy lashes. I know Latisse works, but it's more than a hundred bucks. Are there other products that work almost as well, but are not quite so costly?
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Latisse is expensive but it really works for me. I get it for about $90 dollars or a little less sometimes. I have also cut back to every other day use after the first 4 month so now I only spend $45 per month or so effectively. latisse.bz is the way to go.
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I had a client who used the L'oreal lash serum, and she had amazing results! It's like $20
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If you don't want to grow your lashes, but just get fullness and thickness there are several great mascaras in the market that are designed to do just that.
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the best way to grow your eyelashes naturally is apply vaseline to your lashes every night and rinse off in the morning.........go through my article on eyelashes in the trens section i am sure it will be of gr8 help to you...........
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YEH! I'm so glad you asked this question!!! I've used Revitalash and am currently using Elastilash.....both products were around $60-70. Elastilash is by Obagi. I've noticed my lashes are longer, (top and bottom) but not the same results as Latisse. I have good lashes to begin with, (they're just light) so Elastilash is fine for me now. I will switch to Latisse when I'm done with my Elastilash just because the results are better. I did use a lash enhancement product by Loreal and didn't see much difference. I just read @GoodFaith's recommendation and that sounds like a good product to try too. You will have results with Latisse but since it's pricey you may want to try one of the other products first. Hope this helps!
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You can't argue with the results of Latisse, but at $120 a tube-I feel your pain. You also have to have a prescription for it, and it may cause eye irritation and darken the iris. A natural alternative would be a lash & brow product containing myristoyl pentapeptide-17. This particular peptide molecule stimulates the keratin in your eyelashes. I would highly recommend Mychelle Ultimate Lash & Brow Serum. It has been clinically tested to increase length & thickness by 25% in only 2 weeks, & 70% after 6 weeks. It costs about $40 on Amazon. So, you can put the other $80 in your pocket.
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