brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift

last night i asked a ? that was not well explained but does any one know anything about liandro carvalho brazilian butt lift exercise program from beach body?
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My niece (18) has tried and she likes it. She says the workout is intense but that it tones your butt (according to her she really feels it the next day). She also mentioned that I guess they provide you with a recommended dietary guide to go along with the work out.

Aside from her I don't know any one else that has tried it. Squats and lunges will do the trick, we do many of those in pilates and I like my results =P
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umm if you want to get it done... shouldnt you know all about it?? i saw some pics and sometimes it looks reallly bad. it depends on how big your ass is. btw it is possible that you could die
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