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I am looking for a really good sunscreen for my face when I go on my vacation. I don't want anything that leaves a white film or will sweat off and come off right away in the ocean water. It's going to be hot and humid where I'm going, so keep that in mind with your opinions. I would also like to know about how much the product costs and where I can buy it. Thx.
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hey girl, if u really want a good sunscreen try getting a waterproof one and with a spf thats pretty high ,BUT if u want a tan get a lower spf so youll still be protected ALANA and im sory i dont have a particular brand but to me the cheaper the better
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Jane Iredale just came out with a sunscreen for the face, that has everything you're looking for. It's called Powder-Me SPF, a dry face sunscreen with an extremely water-resistant rating & UVB/UVA SPF 30 protection. It contains titanium dioxide & a natural clay dried in the sun, which is free of contaminants & atmospheric pollutants. It's available in a number of different shades, so it doubles as a makeup & you can leave your foundation/powder at home-which really helps when you're travelling. Amazon has the best price on it, which is about $40
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I really like Shiseido SPF for Face and Body. It's lightweight and water resistant. Not exactly sure of the price but I know you can purchase it at Sephora and Nordstrom. I also really like Aveeno Lotion for Face SPF 30. It's around $9 and can be purchased at any drugstore. Clarins makes a great SPF 40 Day Screen UV Plus.....I use it all the time under my makeup and it goes on light and doesn't leave a film. This product is great but doesn't state that it's water-resistant. Clarins is available at most department stores and Sephora.
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