What is a good look for "Back to School"?

What is a good look for "back to school"?

What type of make up and colors and hair styles? What just pretty much sums up and shouts "BACK TO SCHOOL"?
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Thank you I will defiantly try this!!!!!! ;)
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I'm no hair expert or anything, but in my opinion a high ponytail looks like a great back to school hair-do. I think it will last gym class and look great at the same time!!!
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here are some back to school makeup looks that will surely help ya!
you should go with a light pink or peach blusher koz u r a teenager and u should look fresh . next you have to apply your eyeliner you can apply a winged eye liner not too thick also if you want den u can apply liner under you eye and apply white eyeliner in your eyes trust your would look wide and beautifull . go with a natural coloured lipgloss and a volume mascara . you should look beautifull but dont forget that you are a student and you should look like teenage student rather than an office women ok .
take care . i hope my answer helps you . reply me soon
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