what clothes/make-up/ hair do boys like to see on girls? HELP PLEASE :) x

What clothes/make-up/ hair do boys like to see on girls? help please :) x

Well I really like this boy and I want to impress him and as in the question I wanna know what clothes/make/ hair do boys likt to see on girls, I am only 14, bright blue eyes, brunette atm(naurally blonde) and good legs!;) HELP PLEASE!! Xx
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Hey I'll answer as best as I can. I'm Andrea, 16. :)
I'm a strawberry blonde with long hair almost to my hips, curly, and big goldeny brown eyes.
well it depends on the guy. Basically, see what about you is the prettiest and accentuate it. Guys like girls to be natural but at the same time not afraid to show off who they are.
When it comes to hair, they prefer it loose most of the time, it's sexier. For example, I have curly hair and yeah, I pay attention to my curls to try and make them come out right but i shake up my hair a bit every morning, and i volumize it with some water on my fingertips. Guys usually like longer hair too, unless the shorter hairdo is styled really well and looks sexy on you. keep in mind, though, that you will only look sexy if you FEEl sexy so go for a look that makes you feel comfortbale with yourself and that you're proud of.
About makeup, it really depends on your features and your eyeshape etc. The point of makeup is to emphasize yoru strengths, so do just that. If you have gorgeous plump lips, put on some lipgloss, it can be something soft and simple but do it, because it keeps your lips moist, and brigns attention to your lips. What's really important in makeup is skin. Your skin is most of your face, so if you have a little pimple somewhere just dab a bit of foundation on it with a sponge. mascara looks good on everyone, so go for it. elongating mascara works liek a dream. long legs? show them off, but dont go overboard. heels! good luck
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