What can i do to make myself more attractive?

I feel like no matter what I do I can't seem to be pretty or beautiful in my eyes.
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Girl you are pretty!!!

maybe grow yur hair longer..?
i''m not saying people with glasses are ugly( i wear reading glasses) maybe get some contact lenses??? then add a little make up and then girl you look like a model!!!! and i agree with mariumnaim god duznt create ugly people.
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God doesn't create ugly people. You just have to enhance your features. #1. Make sure your hair is out of your face. Blow dry parts of your hair and straighten others (such as the top and the bangs. Use a round brush and curve it inwards when you blow dry. Straightening your hair straight down makes your hair look choppy and choppiness isn't attractive. And neither is flat hair. MAKE THE BLOW DRYER YOUR BFF!
#2. Eyebrows. If you have thin eyebrows, fill it in. Not the the point they look bushy. But make them add shape to your face!
#3. Make up. Always use either blush or bronzer on your cheek bones. You have a beautiful face shape, you just don't enhance it. Also, only use eyeliner on the top of your eye and a little on the bottom. Your waterline should only have eyeliner on 1/3 of it. Since your eyes are small you don't want to over do it. Also when applying eyeliner, don't thicken it. Make sure it's thin. And a nice shade of pink eyeshadow and lipgloss will always be your BFF! Lastly... DO NOT FORGET MASCARA. xoxo
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