THIS IS VERY OFF TOPIC but i dont no where else to turn

This is very off topic but i dont no where else to turn

i look in the mirror and i feel like ripping myself a part,i have gained over 20kg in the last few months due to medication and for the last few days i havnt eaten,i dont wont to starve my self but when ever i try to eat my mind pictures myself very fat and it turns me off food

what are some good ways to loose weight quick without me dieing of not eating
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well here iz somthing everyone says...exersize.even if ur not gaining weight anymore exersize iz good.also u might want 2 talk 2 ur docter about this medication,it might be harming u more than its helping.carrotstar iz also right,if u r nice people will care more about u than what u all i hav left iz eat healthy,exersize,and u will be fine. :)

p.s U NEED 2 EAT!!:D
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20kg is nothing compared to many people's weights! I weigh 9 stone and my friends who are the same height and shape as me weigh 7 or 8 when we look the exact same proportions! I really wouldn't worry!
If you're noticing a difference in your image then yes, do more excercise and get guidance for healthy eating, try more foods, but people should really love you for who you are and not who you look like anyway! If you have friends who are telling you you are fat then ditch them because if they care about that more than about how you feel then they aren't your real friends.
Hope this helps with the self-confidence issue, and by the way starving yourself can make you put more weight on because your body starts to think there is a famine, so when you do eat it stores it as fat so that it
can use it up for energy in the future, so get it out of your head that you are fat! x
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THANK YOU SO MUCH HUN your a very sweet soul
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okay first off i feel so bad for you and i will be praying for you but you can find some friends and go jogging,biking,swiming,or any other fun activity just remember that your beautiful the way you are and you dont have to starve yourself you can eat healthy with fruits veggies and low calorie snacks like granola bars and yogart
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