TAAZ bug. I can't see most of the comments.

Taaz bug. i can't see most of the comments.

The last few days, I see responses and comments in my corner, but when I open the page where they're supposed to be written I can't see them.
There's only one way to see them: if I write a new comment, then suddenly all the comments appear.
So, unless I write something new in the comments, I can't see or reply to anything. This also happens with my comments. When I comment on something, I can't see what I wrote. It's like I've never wrote anything!!! Does this thing happen to anyone of you?
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happens to me too!its so irritating :( i guess we all have to wait until the bug is fixed or try refreshing the page. it works for me!
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for example, I can't see if anyone replied on this. but after this comment, I hope I'll be able to see it...:/
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Hi Irini. I have had the problem with my comments not showing up. Sometimes when I open a makeover, I cannot see the makeover but can see the comments. It is hit and miss whether I can view my own page. I have not had the problem of not seeing comments other than my own.
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