Slimming Ideas anyone?

Slimming ideas anyone?

I really need to slim down in just 2 weeks..... can anyone help in this....plzz ?? Thanks girls....
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Okay... thanks Jenny :)
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Biggest thing = no junk food or snacks. Eat only 3 healthy meals each day and do not eat after 8pm. If you feel hungry between each meal, drink water. If possible, drink skim milk in the morning with breakfast. Run for an hour 4 days a week. If you are skimping on the meals, please take vitamins or something so your body can function, although taking vitamins without a meal beforehand may cause nausea.
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well in two weeks u have to set a goal weight than discipline urself to eat healthy and in small portions. NO SWEETS WHAT SO EVER IN THESE 2 WEEKS.
do go overboard so that you become tired and weak. DO EXERCISE MOSTLY CARDIO im sure you will see results sooner.
fact: people lose more than ever in the beginning
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