should i be friends with a person who talks behind my back

Should i be friends with a person who talks behind my back

idk this friend always talks behind my back do you think shes a good friend . should i tell her what shes doing or keep it to myself or ignore her please help
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Nope, but you didn't hear that from me...
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i was in many of those predicments before and there will be a time where you will just get over it and dont care so much about having true friends
but if a friend talks behind your back can never be a true friend if she appears nice to you believe me shes a fake
confront her or just cut her off completely
is she confronts you tell her what she did wrong
and if it does come down to you not being her friend believe me you deserve much better and will thank yourself one day

Tip: the more u approach people the less people approach you
the less u approach people more people will approach you

dont fret about it the world is your oyster and there are better things for u to worry about other than some dumb friends.
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U can't expect ppl to to change if you dnt let em know what's wrong. Confront her, if she doesn't change then find a better friends. Its not human nature to cheat nor talk behind a friends back. People who care for each other won't do that so don't tell a secret to someone u can't trust. Good luck bud
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The truth is that talking about people behind their backs is just human nature and is inevitable. Have you never talked behind someone's back before? If she's a good friend otherwise, there's no reason to cause a fuss over it. If she started spreading rumours or did anything to purposefully hurt you, that may be a reason to stop confiding in her.
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I think this is pretty self-explanitory
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