Portrait Makeover with bolder colors sutiable for evening

Now that some sweet young thing is asking how old she is, please tell an old fellow how old he looks

Now that we have some young sweet thing asking how old she looks, please tell an old man (myself) how old he looks.

I really appreciate your opinions - and please don't tell me that I look as if I have one foot in the grave.


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On second thought the makeover shown is a bit intense. I now prefer a less intense makeover as shown here.

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Strawberry Blond Carrie Underwood Style
i would have said around 50-60
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Admittedly the makeover shown would be a bit gaudy for wearing a men's suit along with a bow tie. It would be more appropriate if I were going out with an evening gown. But here is a much more conservative makeover that might work with a men's suit with a large bow tie (a long tie would look too masculine with the makeover).

You are all so kind - I will be turning 60 years of age May 22!

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Minimal makeup
103years old :) nah about 49
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