Nothing to do with beauty but does he like me?

Nothing to do with beauty but does he like me?

He asked for my # from my friend, he hangs out with me a lot, he is single, when he's with his friends he always says hi to me in the hall, he's in grade 8 I'm in grade 7, he spent the whole day with me when he had the option of hanging outwith his friends. That day he introduced me to his friends, joked with me, walked with me for 7 hours
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@Sir_Slicer funny thing is that he is kinda a nerd and he asked me out and I said yes! And we were walking around on track day at school. Whole day outside! 30 degrees out! (Celcious)
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Good god, where do you walk for seven hours? There are vehicles that can take you places that are that far away.

Just be friends. Don't date. You'll end up breaking up, and it will be super-awkward passing each other in the hallway. If he's a jock, run the opposite way, because he will be stuck in that "I was so cool in high school" mentality forever, and accomplish nothing for the rest of his life.

If you do want to date, find a nerd. Those guys break out of their shells and become gazillionairs, Mark Zuckerburg anyone?

But yes, if you go against my logic, it does sound like this boy likes you. The next time you're walking with him for seven hours, you should tell him, "You can take my hand." If he asks, "Where?" You say, "Everywhere."
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