if i have blue eyes what can i do to hightlight them?

If i have blue eyes what can i do to hightlight them?

i mean, What colors can I wear that color to emphasize them?
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I always thought matching your tops to your eye color really make your eyes more vibrant.

If you have blue eyes, go put on a blue top; gather some intel and report back!
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Browns and golds look really great with blue eyes. Brown and blue contrast nicely, and adding a deeper brown eyeliner seals the look.
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Choose an eye shadow that complements your blue eyes. Shades in the brown, rose and violet families are best. The warm hue of these shades contrasts with the cold tone of your blues to really make them pop. Use a shade that is darker in tone than your eye color to make your baby blues shine.
Select a brown shade of eyeliner. The harshness of traditional, black liner will take away from the natural beauty of blue eyes. Choose a dark or medium brown liner to highlight blue tones.
Use brown or brown/black mascara. Any mascara will naturally open and brighten your eyes. However, a natural, brownish shade will do it without drawing attention away from the blue color of your eyes.
Apply a light or neutral tone blush and lip color. Keeping the rest of your makeup minimal will naturally draw attention to your eyes.

credits: eHow.com
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