I wanna be a model but i dnt thinkkk im pretty enough sooo?

Idkkk I Really Wanna Be One But I Jusst Dn
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sometimes the duck face dont work.... but i think it works now xoxxxoxoxo
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you're alredy a model !!!
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With that duck face, no one will think you're pretty, just slutty.
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to be a model you have to have good self esteem and not care wat other people say. its definately hard to be a model. but there are different types of models. ive done modeling before where they dont show your face. and im young, like really young, but since i look older i can get into the more advanced stuff. i dont think im that pretty either but ugly girls are like unicorns.. they dont exist. your beautiful! kay? got that? dont let anyone tell you different(: go for it though. have someone take some pics and post them on tumblr or something(: have fun and be you because you are pretty amazing(:
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Well... I dunno about prettiness; but-

One girl at my school who's not pretty at all got into the GirlFriend model competition because she's just tall and skinny. But I'd say you definitely have potential!!

Seriously, if you want to do it just go for it!! Good luck =)
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