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I need to lose a few kilos?? please i need help...

im a 15 yr old girl and im turning 16 in a few months and im about 70 kg.. I would like to loose about 5-10 kilos... any tips please I would like to loose some weight before my birthday
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well there is all sorts of diets and going to the guym exersize, things like that
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in your age you should move your body anyhow. you shouldn't cut down on eating but, eat a lot of vegetables which doesn't consist a sugar and could be good for compensation if you tend to eat too much. i am ok with going run three-times a week for 15 minutes, but i also love any physical activity so i cannot count what else i do during a week. it's also good to eat fore or five small portions a day. no evereating, no alcohol, no stress ;)
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Avoid too much processed food like sugar,oils, flour, breakfast cereal (try oats and dried /fresh fruit instead) and packaged food. Stick to natural foods as much as you can and halve what you would normally eat. I lost 24 kilos this way. Exercise as well too. DONT TRY STARVING YOURSELF OR THROWING UP PLEASE.
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