i hav crushed on someone??

I hav crushed on someone??

wht should i do...........i lov to talk to him.........he also used to stare me sometimes.........he sometimes chat wid me and tagged me in his poems..........i don't know he likes me or not..........if he........how?/ im not beautiful as others!!!but i lik him sho much.........tht i can't even come in front of him!!!
wht should i think.........??
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Do we still 'poke' each other on Facebook, or +1 'Like' them? Change your status to "It's Complicated."

Or you could do what normal humans do, and talk to the other person -- with your mouth. Say, "Hi. I like your (outfit/hair/cologne) today." If the other person is crushing hard on you as well, you'll both be equally shy and just have the most awkward conversation with the longest moments of silence EVER, and finally the class bell will ring saving you from having to come up with something interesting to say. Just start there...

Life and relationships aren't hard. The choices that you make are the things that make life difficult. You choose to go to college, life is easy; you choose to go to war, life is hard. You have to see the beauty in all of it though. Every smart and stupid thing you could ever say or do is a lesson. Life is layered with millions of these that you will have to choose for yourself. That's what will make you -- YOU.

Beauty comes from within when you are without. You do not want to be with someone who can not see beyond your looks; that will never last. I know many beautiful people who are dead on the inside, and would never choose to be with them over someone with a kind soul.
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