I am trying to teach my BFF how to get her crush. She is a tomboy. Uh, tips???

I am trying to teach my bff how to get her crush. she is a tomboy. uh, tips???

Help me! I'm teaching her a girlie walk, how to be girlier. I'm trying to help and be a good friend. But it's hard. I don't know what its like to go from tomboy to girly! I'm always girly!!!
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i think a tom boy girl will attract a boy because they will really make a connection and have a real conversation with each other.if the guy is real person,
but the truth of the matter is it doesnt matter about personality if ur BFF is considered pretty and attractive to guys then she wont have a hard time at all.

i will tell you something about me a couple of years ago i was overweight and dressed causual all the time guys never liked me or approached me because i didnt have any physical appeal. and until i lost the weight and wore make up and better clothes. then magically they started to approach me. guys are really shallow when it comes to picking a girl, they will only look at the looks its just a fact doesnt matter if they are men or guys.

men are visual animals and they are stimulated by the visual.
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Yeah, but she wants to be girlier and her crush likes girlie girls. I would know! At one point he liked me! I'm super girlie. Today she had me put a bit of makeup on her and help her do her hair. She really wants this!!!
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