How to create a fake leg using makeup?

How to create a fake leg using makeup?

My dog only has three legs, but it's going to a dogs only party on Saturday. I want it to look and feel its best. How can I make her a fake leg?

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how dare you sir slicer! my dog WAS humiliated for your information.... do you even have a dog! no.... u do not
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^ First world problems.^ You probably also complain that you have too much food to eat, so you get sleepy. You're rigoddamndiculous.

Do you know that dogs are not creatures who have the mental ability to think in the abstract? They don't sit around and think, "I have three legs, I will be sooo embarrassed at the gala." They just accept their current situation and move on, and that's what makes them truly amazing.

If you ever cared to take your three legged dog to anything other than a "dog gala (WTF)," you would see other dogs would treat them no differently, and they would act no differently than a 'normal' four-legged dog.

The non-paired leg would center itself on the body, and the dog will run, jump, and play just the same as any other dog its age.

So, go back and continue watching your Toddlers in Tiaras, or Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or whatever 'Licious show you're addicted to until your dog gala starts -- your life will go on, unfortunately...
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No Rain, No Rainbows
Thanks alot, Taaz comunity. Because of you my dog was humiliated at its party! I need a quick answer since it's also going to a dog gala on Friday. Answer NOW!
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