rainbow girl!!

How to blend??

I see all of these great makeovers on taaz that people blend colors like make their hair or lips or something multi colored with like a bunch of colors. ive tried to do it but i dont get how everyone does it! is it some sort of secret or glitch? plz tell me!
*the attached pic is one of @maimouths pics. i am really sorry if im supposed to get special permission or something to use this picture! but this is a great example of the rainbow makeovers.
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thanks a lot! and you're welcome :) I hope you saw my how to's and that they were helpful :) xx
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@maimouth thank you so much! i love your pics! :)
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hi! I don't mind at all for the pic. I wrote two ''how to's'' explaining that ''trick'' step by step. you can find it at my trends :) and those are the trends' links:


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