how do i got boys to like me? :(

How do i got boys to like me? :(

i like this boy, but once when i asked him out he said i wasnt his type (fit) so i dont know how to get him to like me, i need help :) x
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thanks you are all a real help, i will be myself! and fingers crossed a guy will like me for being me :) x
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take it easy, honey. it'll eventually come naturally. now that you've asked him out, for sure, HE knows that u r interested in him. he'll start to notice you, and who knows where it may lead.

don't lose hope. just be as darling as u are.

I had the same situation as u did, i was kind of desperate at the age of 15. and now i'm 24, the same guy has been with me for over 9 years and we're still strong together. and all i did was be my real self.

*one tip tho, guys dislike girls who are needy and naggy. guys are impressed with girls who are strong, determined and independent. :)

Good luck! <3
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As a man I can vouch I am a visual creature - that's very important how a girl looks.

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i will tell you something about me a couple of years ago i was overweight and dressed causual all the time guys never liked me or approached me because i didnt have any physical appeal. and until i lost the weight and wore make up and better clothes. then magically they started to approach me. guys are really shallow when it comes to picking a girl, they will only look at the looks its just a fact doesnt matter if they are men or guys.

men are visual animals and they are stimulated by the visual.
(just sayin)
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Interesting - when I was a teenager (young man) I had the same problem too with girls. I also had the problem of girls telling me that I wasn't their type and I gave up too easily in not asking other girls out for dates.

Looking back (that's a long time ago since I am pushing 60 years of age as an old man) I should have just had girls as my buddies in addition to guys.

You can't go around being desperate looking for the perfect date. Just take it easy around boys as I should have around girls. If you find the right boy he just might be relieved he found someone!

Take care,

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The harder y try the harder it'll be so just relax n let it come naturally. Get comfy around guys n don't. Seem desperate nor loose.. ur pretty n will have a Guy in no time
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yeah thats true, thanks :) but how do i get boys in general to like me? x
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