-2 votes WTF

How did this post get -2 votes????

I remember in the old Taaz you could down vote things but not in the current Taaz! How did this happen??? I'm very confused!!
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wow!!! omg that is so wird! im so sick of whoever is flagging our things!!! im going to leave taaz if it continues....... no i wont. i will stand up and repost all my things, i wont bACK down!! LOL :D
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How strange !
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Hi Helene. This does seem very strange, our system doesn't allow for negative loves. We're looking into why this happened, but in the mean time if you see this again please let us know. Thanks!
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I was also wondering how that happened. It was actually down to -4 at one point, but luckily, enough people have liked the post that it's up to 9 loves now.
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