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How can i loose weight fast???

im 14 years old and my middle school graduation is coming up. i look skinny on the outside but im actually almost 160 :'( i feel good for myself but i wanna have confidence that i can pick out any dress i want in the stores. MY GUT IS HUUUGGGEEEE!!!! i have a larger than average bust and a larger than average rear end. my waist if actually very small. ill find a better picture of my later but any ideas for me to loose my extra weight. i work out almost every night (fifty push ups and fifty sit ups) i eat really healty.....any ideas
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Oh and also, remember that some people are just built differently to begin with. Sometimes even if a person loses weight they will still have a big butt or big boobs because that's their genetics. In some cases you just have to learn to love it and to tolerate shopping in some stores. Believe me I know! I want to strangle some of the people that work there lol! But having a large bust and hips with a small waist is considered extremely feminine.
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First of all, don't feel bad about weighing 160 just in itself. Remember you have to compare it to your height also. There are many beautiful super models who weigh 160 too, because they are so incredibly tall. Beauty has nothing to do with numbers. But if you really want to lose weight, some of the best things to do diet-wise is to cut out as many sugars, carbs, and nonessential fats as you can and try to eat more healthy things like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats. Also keep fit and exercise. You don't have to go crazy and do hard-core exercises for hours, but just try to keep fit. You'll just have to work at it, remember nothing happens over night. Losing weight is all about lifestyle changes.
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exercise, eat healthy. you are so pretty though. be happy and be your self.
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Continue exercising and be careful about what you eat and you should start losing weight, it might take longer than you want it to but in the end it will be worth it. x
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and dont stop running! lol, idk just eat healthy food and not too much not too little ummm.... exercise and yea....
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