How Can I Change To Become A Girly Girl ?

How can i change to become a girly girl ?

I'm Like A Tomboy , And I'm Kind Of Getting Tired Of My Family Comparing Me To Other ' Girly Girls " . I Just Want Them To Stop Comparing Me To Them . What Are Ways To Change Myself Into A Girly Girl ?
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Start acting more like a girl.
Maybe wear some pink lip gloss???? and then start talking bout girly things like...................Shoes, make up and hats??? that always works. I kinda used to be a tomboy and i just started hanging out with girlier people. i got influenced to much!!! xoxoxoxo hope dis helps..
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You don't have to be embarrassed about your style, maybe you could add elements from your tomboy self into your girly style.
Here are a couple of pics of Vicky Mcclure, short hair yet the makeup and style makes her tomboyish and that little bit quirky.
You could try wearing more makeup, start with the eyes as they bring out features of your face and start accessorising, maybe some earrings and a scarf. Try wearing more pinky, pastel colours as makeup. :)

Hope I've helped ^^
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