How can I bring out my green eyes without makeup?

How can i bring out my green eyes without makeup?

Many people tell me that I have pretty green eyes, so I want to bring the color out! However, I don't quite know how to do it! I prefer not using makeup if possible
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Edit: *complementary color, even
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If you stay away from makeup, you could try wearing a top or dress in similar (or slightly deeper/bolder jewel tone) green. People who might not normally notice your eyes are bound to notice since their eyes are first caught by the solid color and then drawn to similar colors (your eyes). A green hair clip could also do the trick since it'll be visually close to your eyes.

Eyes can also be drawn to differences ... try wearing an outfit that is one solid, neutral color, like a brown, beige, white, or black. Your hair, your eyes, and your lips would be the items that draw attention because they're the main points of color in comparison.

If you go for a little makeup, a bit of mascara or eyeliner (black or dark brown) can give your eyes instant attention. If you're feeling adventurous, play with mascaras that are specific for green eyes (they have a red or purple tint to them) and matching liner.

A great way to bring out green is to apply its complimentary color (red). That can be in the eyes (red-brown liner, copper shimmering eyeshadow), or it can be your hair (overall color, adding highlights, a red or coppery hair clip or accent).
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