I really want to gain a few more inches in height like even jus 3 or 4 and I'd b really happy!I've read alot of things online about tablets you can take to gain height, and sprays you can use etc along with testimonials from people who seemed genuine!I am 22 so I know Im past the puberty thing and growing taller naturally...I have done the stretching excercises that are suppose to help but I don't think they are enough on thier own!I'm from Ireland so its very hard to get any tablets etc ere for gaining height but they say they do them in other countries such as Amercia?I would be willing to pay a bit extra for shipping etc if I knew they would work!Im not lookin for anything drastic but it would help me with work coming up in modeling!
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Gaining three to four inches is a bit of a stretch. That's a pretty tall order. I don't mean to be short with you, but that's above my head to know how to do that.

Most young women achieve their full height within 12 to 18 months after their first period (around 16 years old). Approximately 2 years after puberty your epiphyseal plates that attached to your arm and leg bones fuse so these bones are not able to grow any more. This is why you don't continue to grow indefinitely, unless you have gigantism!

Some people may be able to break away from inheriting their parent's short stature if they are well nourished as children. Unregulated bovine growth hormones that is passed through milk has also been attributed to the current generation of teens being taller than the previous.

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i don't really think those pills will work. Be happy that you're not that tall, you an wear any heels you like!
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